2L Law School: MPRE Prep

The Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) is a test that you will probably have to pass before becoming a lawyer. Currently 47 states require a passing score (which varies by state) to become a lawyer. The MPRE tests knowledge of established standards of professional conduct (legal ethics). The test is given three times a year: March, August, and November. It is two hours and 60 questions. 10 of the questions don’t count, but they are mixed in with the rest. Even if you are quick with multiple choice questions, the test will feel time constrained.

How Should I Study for the MPRE?

This test is not a big deal, it is essentially pass-fail. If you don’t pass, you can take it again. No one will know you didn’t pass unless you tell them. Employers don’t care. The only pressure you should feel is the $62 that you have to pay for a second chance if you don’t do it the first time. You have to get a scaled score of no more than 86. Because the test has 150 points available, you need to be answer a few more than half of the questions correctly to pass. Some law students have bragged about doing just fine with 3 or 4 hours of study after taking their PE class. We recommend that you spend no more than 2 full days preparing for the test.

Sign up for it and take the exam that is closest to the end of your Professional Responsibility (PR) course. Many law students take the MPRE in November while currently enrolled in the Fall semester PR class. The writers of the test state that your PR class should adequately prepare you for the exam. If your PR class covers the Model Rules of Professional Responsibility, it should be adequate. Make sure to bring a watch.

We recommend that you sign up with Kaplan for the free MPRE course. There is an online lecture that that will cover the key concepts. The course has notes to use during the lecture, and an outline to study from. If you want some familiarity there is a practice question bank, and two practice tests. If you prefer to have a hard copy of the materials mailed to you, you can send Kaplan $15 and they will be glad to mail you the material.  If you don't want to take the course, you can review the covered topics and a few practice questions in the 2011 MPRE Information Booklet.

What MPRE Score Do I Need?

The minimum MPRE Scores vary by state and jurisdiction. Here are the current minimum scores by jurisdiction:

Alabama 75 Iowa 80 New Hampshire 79 Texas 85
Alaska 80 Kansas 80 New Jersey 75 Utah 86
Arizona 85 Kentucky 75 New Mexico 75 Vermont 80
Arkansas 85 Louisiana 80 New York 85 Virginia 85
California 86 Maine 80 North Carolina 80 Washington NA
Connecticut 80 Maryland NA North Dakota 80 West Virginia 75
Delaware 85 Massachusetts 85 Ohio 85 Wisconsin NA
DC 75 Michigan 85 Oklahoma 75 Wyoming 75
Florida 80 Minnesota 85 Oregon 85 Guam 80
Georgia 75 Mississippi 75 Pennsylvania 75 Palau 75
Hawaii 85 Missouri 80 Rhode Island 80 Puerto Rico NA
Idaho 85 Montana 80 South Carolina 77 Virgin Islands 75
Illinois 80 Nebraska 85 South Dakota 75    
Indiana 80 Nevada 85 Tennessee 75