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Law School Coach was designed for law students who want to excel. Our motto here is: “work smart, not hard.” Law School is a high stakes game. Those who finish at the top of their law school class have a huge advantage in shaping their career. On this site you will find a collection of Free Law School Information, tips, and secrets that are proven to get results. Whether you are just considering law school or you are already a law student, you will find the law school information you need to do better. Getting into a good law school and making top grades has never been so easy. Law School Coach has developed a series of Free Law School Reports that will take you step-by-step through this process.  Bookmark this page right now, as you progress through law school you will need different information. Below are the links to get you started:

The Law School Coach website has the tools you need whether you are just thinking about attending law school, or you are a seasoned law student.  If you are not there yet, review the Pre Law School Information section where you will find information about preparing for and choosing a law school as well as tips for the admission process and LSAT.  Once you have been accepted and have chosen a law program, check out the law school information for first year law students (known as "1L") in the 1L Law School Section.  The 1L law school section features articles to prepare you for the unique challenges you will face during your first year of law school including information on preparing for class and for exams. For second and third year law students, we have the 2L-3L Law Student section.  Here you will find information on choosing classes, student organizations, and preparing for the bar exam.  And for everyone, there is a Forum to answer your law school questions, and a BLAWG where you can get the latest news and law school information

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